Monday 15 July 2019

UK: FRC consults on revised Ethical and Auditing Standards

Last November, the Financial Reporting Council sought feedback as part of a post-implementation review of the 2016 Ethical and Auditing Standards: see here. A position paper followed earlier this year, culminating in the publication today, for consultation, of the amendments the FRC proposes to make to its Ethical and Auditing Standards. The proposed changes include simplifying and restructuring the Ethical Standard; enhancing the authority of the Ethics Partner function with audit firms; and requiring the auditors of all UK listed entities to include in their published auditor's report the performance materiality threshold used in the audit.

Further information is available in the FRC's press release and in the other documents published today: Feedback statement and impact assessment (pdf) | Revised Ethical Standard 2019 - Exposure Draft (pdf) | Changes to the International Standards on Auditing (UK) (ISAs (UK)) and International Standard on Quality Control (UK) (ISQC (UK)) - Exposure Drafts (pdf) | Glossary of Terms (Auditing and Ethics) - Exposure Drafts (pdf) |.

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