Monday 13 May 2019

UK: KPMG Report - Executive Remuneration in AIM Listed Companies

KPMG has published a report surveying executive remuneration in AIM listed companies: see here (pdf). One of the research findings concerned the governance code adopted by such companies. Under Rule 26 of the AIM Rules (here, pdf), AIM listed companies are required to disclose: which governance code the board has decided to apply; how compliance with that code is achieved; and the reasons for any departures from the chose code. The KPMG report notes that, of the 50 largest AIM companies by market capitalisation, 42% have adopted the UK Corporate Governance Code and 58% have adopted the QCA Corporate Governance Code. A different picture is painted when more companies are considered. Research by the QCA published last year, which surveyed all AIM listed companies, found 89% following the QCA Code, 6% following the UK Corporate Governance Code and 5% following other codes: see here.

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