Friday 10 May 2019

Myanmar: recommendations to improve corporate governance practices

A joint report considering the governance of 24 companies has been published by the International Finance Corporation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Yangon Stock Exchange and the Directorate of Company Investment and Company Administration: see here (pdf). The report's analysis is based on the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (here, pdf) and included all of the companies listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange (five in total), four private companies and fifteen public companies. The public and private companies were selected for reasons including economic significance or their potentially becoming listed. It is worth noting that, according to data published earlier this year, the number of companies registered in Myanmar is approximately 61,600.

The report, which surveyed companies before the new Companies Law came into force, notes that governance practices are at a "nascent stage" of development. A large number of recommendations for improvement are made, including the development of a corporate governance code (to operate on the "comply or explain" basis). Other recommendations seek improvements in the quality and quantity of the information that is disclosed; improvements in monitoring and enforcement powers are also suggested.

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