Monday 6 September 2021

UK: FRC announces first list of successful Stewardship Code signatories

The Financial Reporting Council has, today, published its first list of successful signatories in respect of the UK Stewardship Code 2020: see here. The FRC received 189 applications (147 from asset managers, 28 from asset owners and 14 from service providers) of which two thirds (125) were successful. Unsuccessful applicants, the FRC has said, tended not to address all of the Principles in the Code or did not provide sufficient evidence.

Would you like to know some more about stewardship in the UK and the development of the UK Code?

I can - if you will forgive the self-promotion - point you in the direction of a forthcoming publication, written with a colleague, Daniel Cash, at Aston: Investor Stewardship and the UK Stewardship Code.

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