Thursday 11 April 2019

Germany: consultation on a revised Corporate Governance Code - an update

Last November, the Corporate Governance Code Commission published for consultation a revised edition of the German Corporate Governance Code: see here (German, pdf) or here (English, pdf). Further supporting materials were published at the time: see here (in German) or here (in English).

Earlier this month an update on the consultation and new Code was given in a speech by the Commission's chairman (Prof. Nonnenmacher). A copy of the speech was published a few days later on April 8: see here (pdf). An (official) English translation is not (so far) available.

My interpretation of the speech suggests that there may be a delay in the coming into force of new Code - originally planned for 10 June 2019 - should there be a delay in the coming into force of the legislation - ARUG II - implementing the Shareholder Rights Directive (2017/828). Depending on the delay in implementing ARUG II, the Commission is considering publishing a final draft of the new Code in May 2019, highlighting the changes it proposes to the draft published last year. This is not intended to open a second period of consultation, although Prof. Nonnenmacher has indicated the Commission's willingness to accept further feedback.

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