Wednesday 15 March 2017

Europe: Parliament approval for Shareholders' Rights Directive

The European Parliament, in a Plenary session yesterday, approved the proposed Shareholders' Rights Directive: see here. The resolution was passed by 646 votes to 39 (there were 13 abstentions). The Directive now requires approval by the EU Council of Ministers. Further information about the Directive, in the form of FAQs published by the European Commission following the vote, is available here. The Directive contains provisions designed to make it easier for shareholders to exercise their voting rights; it also sets out a framework for a shareholder 'say on pay' vote in respect of remuneration; and it also sets out provisions for greater disclosure by institutional shareholders and asset managers (largely reflecting the provisions found in the stewardship codes that are being introduced across the world, including the UK).

Update (17 March 2017) - the European flag now appears; the UK flag inadvertently appeared at first.

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