Thursday 7 July 2016

UK: Female FTSE board report 2016 published

The 2016 edition of Cranfield's Female FTSE report has been published: see here (pdf) and also here (short update, pdf). The report notes that 26% of FTSE100 board positions are occupied by women, more than in March 2015 but similar to the proportion in October 2015. Women hold 31.4% of FTSE100 non-executive positions and 9.7% of executive positions. Across FTSE 100 boards, the proportion of new appointments going to women between September 2015 and March 2016 was 24.7%, the lowest proportion since September 2011. If this trend continues, the new target of 33% women on FTSE350 boards by 2020 is unlikely to be met. A review of ways to improve the proportion of women occupying executive directorships on FTSE350 boards is underway and its findings are expected at the end of the year: see here and here.

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