Thursday 23 April 2015

UK: Scotland: loans to football club were not repayable on demand

Lord Tyre, sitting in the Court of Session (Outer Court), gave judgment earlier this month in Nixon v Livingston Football Club Ltd [2015] CSOH 43. At issue was whether money loaned by a director (and companies under his control) to the Livingston Football Club was repayable on demand. The judge held, on the evidence before him, that the loans were not repayable on demand but only when the company could afford to repay them. In doing so he noted that "... the concept of making a loan on the basis that it is not repayable unless and until the borrower can afford to repay, which might be regarded in certain contexts as uncommercial and therefore improbable, seems to me to be much less improbable where the borrower is a company operating a football club" (para. [26]).

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