Wednesday 29 January 2014

EU: Structural reform of the banking sector - Commission proposals published

The European Commission today published its proposals for the structural reform of the EU banking sector. Included is a ban on proprietary trading by European banks of global systemic importance or those exceeding identified thresholds (€30 billion in total assets, and trading activities either exceeding €70 billion or 10 per cent of the bank's total assets).  Also published were proposals to increase the transparency of securities financing transactions: see here. For further information about the structural reform proposals, see: Commission press release | FAQs I | FAQs II | Proposed Regulation (pdf) | Citizens' summary (pdf) | Impact assessment: full text (pdf), executive summary (pdf), annexes 1 to 4 (pdf), annexes 5 to 14 (pdf). A video recording of the Commission's press conference is available below (and will be available for the next seven days):

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