Friday 7 November 2008

UK: implementation of the Companies Act (2006) - update

The minister for company law, Dr Ian Pearson, has explained - in a written ministerial statement available here - that several provisions within the Companies Act (2006) will not be brought into force: sections 327(2)(c), 330(6)(c), 1175 (as it applies to Northern Ireland) and Part 2 of Schedule 9. The reasons for not implementing these provisions are given in the ministerial statement. The minister has also laid before Parliament the eighth commencement order, a copy of which will, very shortly, be published here. This will bring into force the remaining provisions of the 2006 Act on 1 October 2009. An updated commencement timetable has also been published: see here. Update (12 November 2008): a copy of the eighth commencement order is available here (HTML) and here (PDF). An exaplanatory memorandum is available here.

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