Thursday, 9 May 2013

India: Companies Bill 2012 not passed as Parliamentary session ends two days early

The Indian Parliament's current term was brought to end yesterday, two days early. The Companies Bill 2012, which was passed by the Lok Sabha last December (see here, pdf), was not passed by the Rajya Sabha. The chairman of the Rajya Sabha, in his valedictory remarks (see here, pdf), observed:

The experience of this Session, particularly of its second half, should induce cogitation on a number of matters arising out of the situation in which the House finds itself in its daily functioning. Three questions in particular need to be addressed. One, has the balance between deliberation, legislation and accountability been lost due to regular disruptions of the proceedings? Two, has the time not come to bridge the growing gap between the rules of procedure and the need felt by different sections of the House to voice opinion on matters of concern? This, needless to say, has to be done in an orderly manner to preserve the dignity of the House. Three, has the membership of this august body assessed the impact of disruptive behaviour on public opinion?"

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