Wednesday, 10 November 2010

UK: conference papers published - directors' duties and shareholder litigation in the wake of the financial crisis

In September this year, a conference titled "Directors' Duties and Shareholder Litigation in the Wake of the Financial Crisis" was held in Leeds under the auspices of the University of Leeds Centre for Business Law and Practice. An audio recording of the panel discussion session is available here (mp3). Copies of the papers presented have also been published:

  • Mr Robin Hollington QC, New Square ChambersThe Winding up of Hedge Funds on Treasure Islands (pdf).
  • Professor John Armour, Oxford UniversityIs Delaware Losing Its Cases? (pdf). 
  • Andrew Campbell, Ashridge Strategic Management CentreWhy Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions (pdf, abstract only).
  • Professor Janet Dine, Queen Mary, University of LondonPost-Concession Company Models in Potential European Company Law (pdf). 
  • Mr Louis Doyle, Kings ChambersThe Susceptibility to Meaningful Attack of Breaches of Directors' Duties under English Law (pdf).
  • Dr Michael Galanis, University of LeedsThe Dynamics of Corporate Bargaining and the Law vs. Contract Debate: Chocolate, Cars and Other Systemic Issues (pdf). 
  • Professor Andrew Keay, University of LeedsThe Duty to Promote the Success of the Company: Is it Fit for Purpose? (pdf).
  • Professor Roman Tomasic, Durham UniversityShareholder Activism and Legislation Against UK Banks - The Limits of Company Law Remedies (pdf). 

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