Friday, 29 October 2010

UK: FTSE100 directors' pay - IDS report

Income Data Services has recently published its Directors' Pay Report for the year to June 2010. In the accompanying press release it is reported:

FTSE-100 directors saw their total earnings [basic salary, annual bonus payments, benefits in kind, notional/actual value of exercised share option gains, total cash value of long-term incentive plans and miscellaneous payments, including special payments for pensions, housing assistance, one-off bonuses for particular projects and profit share] boosted by an average of 55% while across the FTSE 350 as a whole total board pay went up by an average 45% ... On the back of these increases FTSE 100 chief executives took home £4.9 million on average in total earnings during the year. The report shows there has been a dramatic reversal in fortunes in the last 12 months. While basic salary increases across the board were subdued, growing at just 3.6% for FTSE-100 chief executives, pay packages were boosted by a resurgence in bonus payments, the value of share option gains and separate long-term incentive plans (LTIPs)"

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