Tuesday, 14 September 2010

UK: financial reporting disclosures by credit institutions - FSA feedback and new BBA code

Last autumn the Financial Services Authority published a discussion paper titled Enhancing financial reporting disclosures by UK credit institutions (see here, pdf). A summary of the feedback received, along with the FSA's response and its proposed actions, was published yesterday: see here (pdf).

This publication also includes the FSA's assessment of credit institutions' compliance with the British Bankers' Association draft Code for Financial Reporting Disclosure (available here, pdf). The FSA found, amongst other things, that credit institutions could do more to improve the comparability of the information provided, particularly with regard to terminology, explanation, presentation and methodology.

In light of the feedback received by the FSA, an updated edition of the BBA's Code for Financial Reporting Disclosure was published last week: see here (pdf). The Code applies to disclosures in annual reports and accounts and interim reports.

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