Tuesday 18 January 2022

Singapore: Companies Act 1967 - revised edition as part of the Plus Initiative

As part of the Plain Laws Understandable by Singaporeans (Plus) initiative, the Attorney General's Chambers has announced that it has completed a revision of over five hundred Acts of Parliament, the aim of which was to incorporate the greater use of plain English and gender-neutral language, replace archaic words and long expressions with simpler alternatives, and provide an expanded legislative history at the end of each Act. 

The revised law - the 2020 Revised Edition of Acts - came into force at the end of 2021. The Companies Act 1967 has been revised and the changes made include replacing 'chairman' with 'chairperson' and introducing the expression 'he or she' in place of 'he'.  The word 'notwithstanding' has largely disappeared from the Act (it is now used only once) with 'despite' now being preferred. Greater use is also made of 'must' in preference to 'shall'. 

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