Thursday 18 February 2021

Jersey: Royal Court considers shareholder remedies

I note, a little belatedly, an important judgment of the Royal Court (Samedi division) on shareholder remedies from earlier this year: Financial Technology Ventures II (Q) LP and Ors v ETFS Capital Limited and Tuckwell [2021] JRC025.  The judgment contains a detailed exposition of the principles concerning the unfair prejudice remedy (Article 141(1) of the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991) and winding-up on just and equitable grounds (Article 155(1)), drawing heavily on (non-binding) English authorities.

The court (Deputy Bailiff MacRae and Jurats Olsen and Christensen) accepted that the company's affairs had been conducted in an unfairly prejudicial manner in respect of the actions taken by the company's founder and chairman, who held (directly or indirectly with his wife) 58% of the company's issued share capital. These actions - described by the court as being part of a scheme designed to drive the plaintiffs out of the company - included those designed to secure the removal of independent directors and unilaterally changing the business of the company.

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