Friday 13 October 2017

Hong Kong: HKEX analysis of issuers' corporate governance disclosures

HKEX has published its analysis of listed companies' corporate governance disclosures in respect of the HKEX Corporate Governance Code: see here (pdf). The analysis looked at the annual reports of 1,428 issuers with a financial year end of 31 December 2016, representing 72% of the issuers listed on this date. 34% of these issuers reported compliance with all of the Code's provisions.

It is interesting to note those provisions of the Code that have the lowest compliance rates. One such provision is A.2.1 on the separation of the roles of chief executive and chairman: 63% of issuers report that they comply with this provision. HKEX's analysis reports that the most common reason given for non-compliance with A.2.1 is the view that one person occupying these two positions "can provide strong and consistent leadership and can enable more effective planning and better executive of long-term strategies".

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